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NBA Free Agency 2014: Brandon Rush signs two year deal with Golden State Warriors, makes crack about Utah on his way out

Yeah, this happened.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Unrestricted free agent guard / human disaster Brandon Rush has agreed to a two year deal with the Golden State Warriors. It's worth $2.5 million dollars, and the second year is a player's option.

Brandon Rush didn't do anything last year, came to Utah at the last possible moment and was out of shape, even for someone rehabbing. He played poorly, and was out on the first plane back to Golden State after the season was over. He was partying with his old team mates when real Jazzmen were still in Utah being visible in the community.

Good luck to you B, hope you get well soon and get over your personal drama. We don't want any of it in the 801.

Like making $8 million dollars to stay in shape? You got it rough, dawg.

Rush also Retweeted a fake Andris Biedrins account today, congratulating him.

Just another reason to root against the Warriors now.