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NBA Free Agency Rumors 2014: Utah Jazz interested in veteran gunslinger Francisco Garcia

Yes, no, maybe?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Salt Lake Tribune's Tony Jones, the Utah Jazz are not finished with free agency. Of course, duh, because the team doesn't have the minimum number of players on the roster, nor have they reached 90% of the salary cap yet. But moving forward, Jones does report these two points and confirms that the Utah Jazz brass are following the "Amar roster balance" theory that we all ready about weeks ago.

Read Jones' work here, or just read some of the juicy bits here:

The Jazz are not done making additions to their roster, a league source told The Tribune. Utah is in the market for a third point guard, and could also be looking for a shooter as well.

Utah plans on making [Dante Exum] its backup at the point, figuring it best to get him some experience right away. The Jazz seemed to force-feed playing time to Exum on Friday, especially without [Trey Burke] in the lineup. He responded by making some big plays, most notably a lay-in as the time expired in the third quarter.

Tony Jones, Salt Lake Tribune, 2014

Jones also tweets:

We all know Tony to be a well connected media member who is not just a remarkable reporter, but someone who is in the know. He is respected by all for his professionalism, dedication, and for his tireless work on the beat.

I'm just not crazy about Francisco Garcia, the erstwhile 'Latin Assassin'. (Like, does that mean is is an Assassin of Latins? Or simply an Assassin who is Latin?)

Garcia, 32 years old, will be going into his 10th year in the league, and only played in 55 games last season. He averages 59 games a season over his nearly decade long career. He is a capable three point shooter (career .361), and has career averages of playing 21.8 mpg. I am sorry, but the Jazz just do not have 21.8 mpg to offer him. So he will have to come here and expect to take a smaller role than he has had over his career. He will also have to compete for playing time at the wing behind Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, Rodney Hood, and possibly Dante Exum for a bit. And possibly at least one other wing player, maybe Ian Clark.

Garcia is also reported to be courted by the New Orleans Pelicans, Brooklyn Nets, and Houston Rockets, according to Comcast SportsNet Northwest correspondent Chris Haynes.

Yeah. Sit on the bench in Utah, or sit on the bench for a playoff team? That's a tough decision. The Jazz do have money yet to spend, but I would rather throw the money at a capable third string PG, instead of the #3 to #5 wing.

What do you guys think?