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NBA Free Agency 2014 Rumor: Aaron Falk of Salt Lake Tribune reports Utah Jazz have interest in Toure' Murry

Somehow not a vet though.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz beat writer for the Salt Lake Tribune, and magnificent beard bro, Aaron Falk (@TribJazz) suggests that the team is looking at adding another ball handler to the roster. This tracts well with our general impression of what holes need to be filled with the team. Aaron tweets:

Astute SLC Dunk readers, or people who have no lives, will remember that we talked about Toure' Murry a while back when pleading with the Jazz not to settle for inferior point guard help.


Murry is young, inexperienced, and isn't that much older than Trey Burke or Dante Exum. So using him as a mentor isn't that likely. Using him as a capable player who can step out of the way, not make a fuss, not demand minutes, and be useful when his number is called, on the other hand? I think this is a good fit.



He's not great. But if he's the 3rd string / 4th string point guard then I am cool with it. He makes threes, and should be cheap. If he's the 3rd string / 2nd string point guard then we're in trouble. He's clearly not as it is likely that the Utah Jazz will be seeing Trey Burke, Dante Exum, and Alec Burks at the point at some time this next year. Utah may also elect to bring back Ian Clark, another shooting guard, but another guy who can handle the ball a bit. FURTHERMORE, it is likely that the Jazz will still have the ball in Gordon Hayward 's hands a lot this year. A spot up guy who can hit threes off the ball like Murry can would be an asset.

The 24 year old, one year vet, has played nearly 50 games in the NBA DL, and was a three year player at Wichita State. He is 6'5, and out of all the Murry's in the DraftExpress measurements database, he is not among them. They do not list who his agent is either.

But we do have this video of him.

I'm not mad if we get this kid. He's not a mentor, but he has much more in the tank than a lot of the other options right now.