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NBA Free Agency 2014: Trevor Booker is ready to go to work, but how much work will he find in Utah?

Trevor Booker signed, and is ready to work. But how much work will he find here?

I like this soaring picture
I like this soaring picture
Win McNamee

The newest Utah Jazz player Trevor Booker just tweeted / instagram'd this:


So this is an exciting new time for the Utah Jazz as they have never had THIS collection of talent inside, at this level of being on that youth and potential vs. age and experience gradient. The fact that the Jazz have Trevor Booker at the same time as having Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, Jeremy Evans, Steve Novak, and Rudy Gobert is going to be something all Jazzfans in Jazzland will be talking about all year long. Heck, look at us! It's July and we've talked about some of the concerning factors here, here, here, here, and here already!

Let's breakdown this hexad . . .


Did you know that the three letter code for Switzerland is CHE? I didn't. Anyway, MOST of these guys are good ol' Southern boys. One is from the Midwest, born and raised. And two are "European", though I'm not quite ready to include Turkey into Europe just yet. #FreeConstantinople


According to the Draft Combine info, and well, just by looking at him, Rudy Gobert is huge. We have a bunch of bruisers on the team, so much so that Novak and Evans can get a pass. But really, this team has NEVER had four 1st round bigmen on their squad. Including Novak and Evans the average draft spot for this group is 1st round, Pick #23.83. And the average age is 25.59. The average draft spot is LOWER than the age of these guys, where four of them were drafted within the last five years. We've gone over the NBA experience before, so I'll just pass on to the next section.


Woo! STATS! I know that not everyone who goes to this site is here for a math lecture, so I'll be brief. Favors is really good. Kanter puts in work, though he plays much less. He's more of an offensive presence. Rudy Gobert will get all of your rebounds and blocks. Steve Novak can shoot (seems like that's the only thing we say about him...), and Jeremy Evans is a freak of nature. And, well, Trevor Booker maintains his status as a litmus test with which to grade other players by.

But I don't know if that's good enough to deserve playing over this group of specialists. Booker has never played fewer than 16 mpg in a season, and was a rotation guy on a playoff team. He has played in more playoff games than the rest of "our" guys that we drafted. He's going to have to fight for minutes here. He's ready to fight.

But really . . . he's ready to work. But how much work is he really going to find here? Rudy Gobert showed that he's ready for more minutes as he dominated summer league. Favors is going to start getting paid $12 million per next season. Kanter and Evans are in contract years. And, well, Steve Novak can shoot.

It's a mystery to me still, even after all these hours looking at the numbers, watching game tape, and talking to reporters in other media markets. But what do YOU think?