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NBA Free Agency 2014: All NBA moves this off-season, July 3rd edition

Want to get caught up? This is how you get caught up.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

If you are like me, you are way too into the NBA. As a result, you desire information about the league and the news of the league. To help all of you Hoopaholics out there I'm going to try to document every move this off-season so you can see it all in one place. If I miss something, add it in the comments section and it'll show up in tomorrow's edition.

Eastern Conference Moves:

1 BKN Andrei Kirilenko opted in, traded Jason Kidd to MIL for two 2nd rnd pks
2 BOS Sign Avery Bradley ($32m / 4 yrs)
3 NYK Traded Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton to DAL for Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, and others
5 TOR Re-signed Kyle Lowry ($48 m / 4 yrs), traded John Salmons to ATL for Lou Williams, Lucas Nogueira
6 CHI Amnestied Carlos Boozer
7 CLE Extended Kyrie Irving ($90 m / 5 yrs)
8 DET Signed Jodie Meeks ($19 m / 3 yrs), Cartier Martin ($ min / 2 yrs)
9 IND Signed C.J. Miles ($18 m / 4 yrs), Damjan Rudez ($? / 3 yrs), Shayne Whittington ($? / 1 yr)
10 MIL Killed their karma by getting Kidd
11 ATL Traded Lou Williams and Lucas Nogueira to TOR for John Salmons
12 CHA
13 MIA
14 ORL Signed Ben Gordon ($9 m / 2 yrs), traded Arron Afflalo to DEN for Evan Fournier and picks
15 WAS Re-signed Marcin Gortat ($60 m / 5 yrs)

Western Conference Moves:

1 DEN Traded Evan Fournier and picks to ORL for Arron Afflalo
6 GSW Signed Shaun Livingston ($16 m / 3 yrs)
10 SAC
11 DAL Traded Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, others to NY, for Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton
12 HOU
13 MEM Extended Zach Randolph ($20 m / 2 yrs)
14 NOP Traded 1st round pick to HOU for Omer Asik
15 SAS Tim Duncan opts in, Signed Patty Mills ($12m / 4 yrs)


I think the Toronto Raptors are big winners here with the Kyle Lowry re-signing. It's a lot of money, but he was the best player on the #3 seed. You don't let him walk for nothing. They also added Lou Williams (former All-Star, right?), and promising / project Brazilian bigman Lucas Nogueira. (A fan favorite of mine since he was the first guy to come out of the stands to go on stage at the NBA Draft, the first time I covered it.) They also have Myck Kabongo on their summer league team, so obviously they are winning.

Obviously the San Antonio Spurs are winning. Tim Duncan isn't going to test free agency. And They signed super-sub Patty Mills for a song.

The Washington Wizards are making a strong statement for stability by re-signing Marcin Gortat. He is one of the best bigmen in the conference. It's . . . it's not a very talented conference. But he helps them win.


The Detroit Pistons are in win-now mode because their owner is crazy. (Why are you in win now mode when Andre Drummond is like 14 year old still?) And winning now means signing bench guys to more money than they should ever get? What a country!

Over out west, the Golden State Warriors don't have a lot of cap space, and are going 'all-in' for Shaun Livingston. This is like the perfect storm of injury prone players on a team that historically doesn't have a lot of fortitude. It's basically tempting fate.

Question Marks:

I think Amnesty International needs to go and do something for the Orlando Magic fans, who follow a team that is basically just trying to hurt them right now. Evan Fournier is a nice player, but he's no Arron Afflalo (biggest All-Star snub last year). Compounding this problem is the fact that they paid for Ben Gordon to go over there and take the ball out of Victor Oladipo 's hands. Well, I guess this way rookie Aaron Gordon will get a lot of lobs, though, they are actual FGA from Ben.