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NBA Free Agency 2014 Rumor: Miami Heat interested in Marvin Williams

Why don't you keep your talents in Salt Lake?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

According to Barry Jackson, beat writer for the Miami Herald, the Miami Heat may be interested in a Utah Jazz player: Marvin Williams.

Why this makes sense...

Well, Marvin is a fantastic shooter when he's spot up and in that left corner, and before his post-trade deadline slump, was one of the best three point shooters in the NBA for the majority of the season. He's a versatile forward who can play the three or the four, and has started in at least 50 games in seven of his nine years in the league, including three of the last four. He's not going to break the bank for the Miami Heat, and is a smart player who knows how to stay out of the way of others and do the little things.

The Miami Heat need everything, and if they are going to compete they will need to make smart moves to get good players who are efficient and cheap. Marvin can sometimes be called all of those things, during periods of the season.

Why this does not...

Marvin is just not consistent enough to be called a role player on a Championship team. He's not reliable to make the big shots when his team mates draw all the defense to them, and his big game ability is severely diminished for reasons we do not know. He is weak on the boards compared to other starting power forwards (where he started for the Jazz most of the season), and does not pass, steal, or block many shots. He does not get to the line, and while he makes his free throws there, he has evolved into a streamlined version of his former self. He's not a threat to take him man off the dribble, or post his man up. He's just a jump shooter. And he's not as good at it as people like Shane Battier, Mike Miller, or Rashard Lewis are.

Marvin makes sense in the budget, but he's not dynamic and does not bring much to the table. Perhaps that was just what he was asked to do in Utah over the last two seasons -- but by far his last two seasons were among the worst of his career, except for his three point percentage.

The Heat do need to fill up 13 roster spots, but I think Marvin's asking price will not be commensurate with the role a one dimensional shooter who does not defend or make plays for others.

Likelihood: 6/10

Well, I am high on Marvin. Perhaps a little too high. And I would like to see him either return to the Utah Jazz, or play for a contender. I think he has some of the qualities you want from a veteran. He's savvy. He doesn't hurt you by making mistakes. He makes open jumpers more frequently than other people on our team did. And if the Heat are looking to go cheap,I can see Marvin (who has made over $7 million the last few seasons) take the South Beach discount to try to win a ring. I give this a better than average shot of happening; even if I think the Heat should be targeting better players than him if they want a ring.