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NBA Free Agency 2014: July has come and gone, and who is left?

Avoiding the morass that is restricted free agency, which players are still available?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Free Agency period is a month long and who is left? I tried to avoid restricted free agents, and decided to list these guys in a non-traditional way. This is not ranked in order of who is good or not. Just a list. Enjoy. Get angry. And recognize how shallow the pool is right now.

Player Age Role Career momentum
1 Earl Watson Old Ball Handler Likely retiring?
2 Ramon Sessions Peak Ball Handler
3 Toney Douglas Peak Ball handler
4 Toure' Murry Young Ball Handler
5 Chauncey Billups Old Ball Handler (Mentor?) Likely retiring?
6 Leandro Barbosa Old Combo Guard Diminishing returns
7 Ronnie Price Peak Combo Guard
8 Francisco Garcia Peak Wing Scorer
9 Hedo Turkoglu Peak Wing Scorer
10 Jordan Crawford Young Wing Scorer
11 Michael Beasley Peak Wing Scorer Low effort / Pot head
12 Ronnie Brewer Peak Wing defender
13 Chris Douglas-Roberts Peak Wing Journeyman
14 Othyus Jeffers Peak Wing Journeyman
15 Al Harrington Old Combo Forward
16 Charlie Villanueva Peak Combo Forward
17 Andray Blatche Peak Bigman: Inside
18 Elton Brand Old Bigman: Inside Played for Snyder 3 times before
19 Emeka Okafor Peak Bigman: Inside
20 Gustavo Ayon Young Bigman: Inside
21 Byron Mullens Young Bigman: Outside Momentum?
22 Ray Allen Old Specialist: Outside shooter Ring-chaser
23 Rashard Lewis Old Specialist: Outside shooter Deal w Mavs axed due to injury
24 Jermaine O'Neal Old Specialist: Paint defender Will play for contenders only
25 Lou Amundson Peak Specialist: Hustle points

The Utah Jazz still have money to spend, but it doesn't look like they are going to go for broke trying to get one of these cats. All hail Ian Clark, and that's our 13 man roster.

See something wrong here? Get at me in the comments section!