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NBA Free Agency 2014: Derrick Favors contract extension looks to make him among youngest and most richest Utah Jazz players of all time

Back in October 2013 the Jazz and Favors reached an agreement, and by doing so, avoiding a lot of craziness this off-season

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are making a lot of tough decisions this off-season. Who to select as their new coach . . . what to do with the #5 pick of the draft . . . how do you deal with all this cap space . . . how much is Gordon Hayward really worth? It's been big decision after big decision for the Jazz front office since the season ended. Thankfully, there's one big decisions they did not have to make -- and that is the decision for how much to pay Derrick Favors . The bigman and the Jazz agreed to an extension back in October (Diana has the principal deets here).

Today we know a bit more, specifically that Favors is going to be taking in nearly $13 million this season in a partially front loaded contract. That got me thinking . . . who has had the largest season contracts in team history? This wasn't very hard to find out . . . the usual suspects were the players who had eclipsed the $10 million in a season threshold: John Stockton, Karl Malone, Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, Mehmet Okur, and Andrei Kirilenko. Big Al Jefferson got paid too, and so did his distant cousin Richard Jefferson.

We don't yet know how much Gordon Hayward will make, or even if he will be making it in Utah. But we can safely add Favors to this list today. Kid is going to get paid.

N.B. Memo's contract was fulfilled by the Nets, he was traded in training camp.

If you pay attention to the age, that's the hug gap here. He's not even old enough to rent a car, but wealthy enough to buy a car rental dealership.

Congrats to D-Fav, you will earn every cent of your contract. And we can't wait to see some $12 million dollar moves on the basketball court!