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NBA Free Agency 2014: Gordon Hayward to sign offer sheet with the Charlotte Hornets, according to Rick Bonnell


Streeter Lecka

According to Rick Bonnell, of the Charlotte Observer, Utah Jazz restricted free agent Gordon Hayward will sign an offer sheet with the Charlotte Hornets.


UPDATE (11:01 MT)

It's a max, ladies and gentlemen!

Why this makes sense:

The Hornets need what Hayward can be, a great passer, floor leader, and someone who can do a little of everything. Pairing up with Big Al Jefferson again will also make his life easier and get him a lot of spot up shots with no defenders around him -- a luxury he did not have last season with the Jazz.

Why this does not make sense:

The Utah Jazz have held that they will match anything. So they will match anything, if they are being honest. The Jazz have three days to match.

Likelihood: 9/10

If a beat writer is saying he's going to sign I believe him or her.