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Free Agency 2014 Rumor: Toure' Murry still on the radar

Remember this guy?

No. Not the white guy.
No. Not the white guy.
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ESPN New York's Ian Begley reports that . . .

The Knicks also may still re-sign Toure' Murry. The free agent guard has drawn interest from the Heat, Jazz and Clippers, according to a league source.

- Ian Begley, ESPN, 2014

This is an update after we heard that the Utah Jazz were interested in Toure' Murry, but he was waiting on the Miami Heat at that time. (And "at that time" meant before LeBron James decided on returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.)

We looked at the Murry rumor first over here, and broke down his game, his stats, and his video over here. For those who aren't going to click those links, he didn't play much last year for the New York Knicks, and he's a solid pick and roll orchestrator. He made a lot of his threes last year (41.7 3pt%), but didn't do a lot of much else. He had a PER of 11.1 and a GO Rating of 9.09. For a point of reference, last season Earl Watson had a GO Rating of 30.77. He didn't kill it is what I'm saying.

We will still always have this video.

If he's really still on OUR radar remains to be seen as the Jazz have both the min roster and min roster salary after guaranteeing Ian Clark's 2nd year on his contract just a few days ago. Murry is a full-time ball handler. But he's not really a guy that I think we'd have to sign right now, or ever. An NBA D-League player could probably have a similar impact for much less than Murry would ask for.