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NBA Free Agency 2015: Jeremy Evans signs with Dallas Mavericks

Sad to see you go, Jeremy. But you deserve a spot in a rotation.

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This off season the Utah Jazz had only one true free agent, unrestricted forward Jeremy Evans, and now he is gone. He has signed a multi-year contract with the Dallas Mavericks. It's sucks. Jeremy Evans was more than just a crowd pleaser in his limited minutes, but he was exactly what you'd want out of a player. Period. He was team-first all the way and never grumbled about his role or any assignment the team had for him. He played in the NBA DL, and proved that he was too good for that league. He proved himself in practice every day, and was rarely injured. While you could argue that in five seasons he did not develop the ball handling, perimeter defense, or outside shooting to deserve more playing time as a 4/3, he never quit on his team. He never took plays off. And while he was a thin, hyper athletic PF during the renaissance of big, burly bigmen he still found a way to be exciting and efficient on the court. Few players boast as gaudy advanced statistics. He's unselfish with the ball, and knows how to finish plays on offense and defense. Evans is an deserving NBA player and it's just a shame to see him leave the franchise that scouted him, brought him in for predraft workouts, and drafted him in the second round.

In his last season under Tyrone Corbin he had more of a regular spot in the roster, however, he was not able to survive the transition to Quin Synder. With Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert eating up 30 minutes each, there wasn't enough room for him, Trevor Booker, non-guaranteed Jack Cooley, rookie Trey Lyles, and the hint of European 7'3 bigman Tibor Pleiss. Jeremy is an awesome dude, and he will be missed.

Here are the reactions from some of his teammates:

Here's what Utah Media has had to say:

And, of course, the reaction from the unwashed internet:

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We will miss you so much Jeremy, not just for your on the court excitement, or off the court dedication -- but mostly just for who you are as a person. A Jazzman forever, and forever in our hearts.