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NBA Free Agency 2015: 10 Best Point Guards available

There's slim pickings after the first week of Free Agency

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

We're at that point in NBA Free agency where it's just easier to list which players remain to be picked up by any team, instead of listing all the players who have. If you are a team that has cap space available, like the Utah Jazz, you may find yourself trying hard NOT to pay one of these guys. Now, every NBA player has talent and ability, it's just that many of these guys are either over the hill, aren't going to get you over the hump, or just don't have a great future. And then there's LeBron James, but still, there's not much left to be had. Of course, if your major core rotation appears to already be set, like the Utah Jazz, then maybe all you need is to fill in the gaps. With all the moves that are yet to be made, this list will surely have to be updated in another week's time. But until we get there, here are the top 10 best available and/or remaining point guards (in alphabetical order):


1. Aaron Brooks -- The 30 year old point guard has played seven seasons in the NBA. He's only 6'0 and relies on speed to get things done. How much longer can this guy who has over 11,000 career minutes be able to count on his speed? I don't know. He played nearly 2000 minutes last season for the Chicago Bulls. He's not the idea back-up point guard, but he may just be the ideal replacement starter point guard. His 38.7 three point % last season was above his career average, and he brought 11.6 ppg, 3.2 apg, and 2.0 rpg to the table last year. The 2009-2010 NBA's Most Improved player is probably looking for a good fit and security on his next contract.

2. Alexey Shved -- If you are a crazy person who watches the Russian National team (and I know a few of you are), you have to be surprised to see this guy's name up on this list. That's a testament to his poor use by NBA coaches, and just how far down we've gone in Free Agency. (There's not much left!) The 6'6 combo guard played for three teams last season, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Houston Rockets, and the New York Knicks. With the Knicks he averaged 14.8 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 3.6 apg, and 0.9 spg while hitting 37.1% of his shots from downtown. Someone has to get stats on a bad team, and Shved showed that he could be that guy. He's only 26. He may not be horrible.

3. Andre Miller -- The #8 pick in the 1999 draft is still kicking. At 39 now we don't know how much longer he will be kicking for, though. As a 16 year vet he knows the NBA game. He knows how to control the pace of play, and excels when things slow down. He doesn't do much offensively, but can still bust out and have a killer game once or twice a season. If you are looking for a player/mentor/coach to help your young point guards, hard to look farther than this guy.

4. Austin Rivers -- He's 22 years old, and he's somewhat athletic. The former #10 lotto pick in 2012 hasn't set the world on fire, but showed up in the playoffs this past year where he came off the bench to average 8.4 ppg, 1.7 rpg, 1.1 apg, 0.7 spg, and 0.3 bpg. It's telling that I am highlighting that as a selling point.

5. Donald Sloan -- Sloan is from Seagoville High School, which sounds like one of my trial and error Words with Friends attempts. Has season he averaged 7.4 ppg, 3.6 apg, 2.7 rpg, and played defense. He's 27 and isn't going to get better, though his shot does need to get better.

6. Jameer Nelson -- Jameer played for three teams last season, the Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics, and Denver Nuggets. Off the bench he didn't have a great year, and it seems that his skill set (a slow jumper) really relies on being open and playing with a big man who can draw doubles. For his career the 6'0 guard is a 12 and 5 guy, so he's effectively what the Jazz hope Trey Burke can settle into. At 33 you pass on Jameer, and probably stick with the 22 year old Trey.

7. Jeremy Lin -- He may be involved in a sign and trade. But until that happens, he's on this list. Also: he's pretty awful.

8. Matthew Dellavedova -- Huge playoffs may have gotten this point bruiser some more scratch. He's more of a combo guard than a point guard, and more of a fouler than a shooter. But he has his value. He could be what you call a three and D guard, as he hit 40.7% last season, which is pretty awesome.

9. Mo Williams -- #MOLO scored 52 points last season.

10. Norris Cole -- Back-up point guard on two championship teams. He knows what it takes to win, and contributes towards them. The 26 year old played for the Miami Heat and the New Orleans Pelicans last season. He's worth a look.


Honorable Mention: Will Barton, Ronnie Price, Jimmer Fredette

Yeah, slim pickens, right? Which one of these guys do you think is the best?