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NBA Free Agency 2015: 10 Best Power Forwards and Centers available

There's slim pickings after the first week of Free Agency

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

We're at that point in NBA Free agency where it's just easier to list which players remain to be picked up by any team, instead of listing all the players who have. If you are a team that has cap space available, like the Utah Jazz, you may find yourself trying hard NOT to pay one of these guys. Now, every NBA player has talent and ability, it's just that many of these guys are either over the hill, aren't going to get you over the hump, or just don't have a great future. And then there's LeBron James, but still, there's not much left to be had. Of course, if your major core rotation appears to already be set, like the Utah Jazz, then maybe all you need is to fill in the gaps. With all the moves that are yet to be made, this list will surely have to be updated in another week's time. But until we get there, here are the top 10 best available and/or remaining point guards (in alphabetical order):


1. Amar'e Stoudemire -- Somehow is 32 years old, and after years of injury has worked himself into a defensive bigman who can get rebounds, and play defense without fouling. The former All-Star isn't going to regain his form, unless like, I dunno, nanotechnology in his knees . . . but outside of that he's a solid rotation big. Probably is going to look to stay on with a playoff team though.

2. Carlos Boozer -- Look on my works ye Mighty, and yell "ANDONE!" while missing an uncontested layup.

3. David West -- Larry Bird didn't want him anymore. The 34 year old power forward has a solid jumper, like Boozer, but seems to still retain some level of basketball ability. Last season continued the troubling trend of playing fewer and fewer minutes per game and having less of an impact on the games he did play in. Though, 11.7 ppg, and 6.8 rpg off the bench isn't bad. What was bad is that he got those numbers last season as a starter.

4. Enes Kanter -- Non-mountaineering enthusiasts need not apply!

5. Jordan Hill -- A high energy bigman who has gone beyond just being a high energy bigman to develop a solid close to midrange jumper, and still finds a way to be a nuisance on defense. He's Trevor Booker 's cousin too.

6. Kevin Garnett -- If we ever make contact with Aliens, I want KG to represent our planet. This way no aliens will ever disturb Earth as he will just be too intense and crazy to ever rationalize with. He spent the last season frightening the children in the Minnesota Timberwolves locker room. No, really. They were afraid of him. His teammates. That's KG.

7. Kris Humphries -- Another former Utah Jazz guy on this list. That means something. I don't know what. Reportedly he has made it with a very rich lady. He's also good at rebounds. Those two skills may be related.

8. Luis Scola -- Remember when this guy was awesome? He's now 35 and his career is ending, at least his NBA career is ending.

9. Tristan Thompson -- Lebron will force him to re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He's good-ish, Canadian, and improving.

10. Tyler Hansbrough --Psycho T is as surprised as you are to see himself here.


Honorable Mention: Hedo Turkoglu, Glen Davis, Andrea Bargnani

Yeah, slim pickens, right? Which one of these guys do you think is the best?