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NBA Free Agency 2015: Raulzinho Neto Togni signs a multi-year deal with the Utah Jazz


Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz just made a lot of people happy, they officially signed Brazilian point guard, John Stockton adept, and future Sexiest Man Alive, Raul Neto. It's a multi-year deal, right now the deets aren't in yet, but don't worry. I'll get them where Raul will make $2.8 million over three seasons (per Woj. See comments section). That's a steal! This is a fantastic move because it capitulates the great moves Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey made at the 2013 NBA Draft -- trading up for Trey Burke, trading back in for Rudy Gobert, and trading back for Raul Neto. The point guard spot has been a historic strength for the Jazz. Adding the pass first, fundamentally sound Neto helps stabilize that unit in case of lead guard turbulence. The main question here is for Bryce Cotton fans. Do not be alarmed. This is not a zero-sum signing. Utah has eaten contracts before (see the last part of this post). If Bryce is good enough to keep on the team the Jazz brass will keep him on the team. If Neto is good enough to be the #2, then other, larger, changes will occur.

As it stands right now the PG rotation is now: Dante Exum, Trey Burke, Raul Neto, and Bryce Cotton. Earlier this month it was released that Neto was to be signed with the understanding that he would be the third point guard in the rotation. There is one guy left standing without a chair when the music stops right now, and that's second round 2015 NBA Draft pick Olivier Hanlan. The Jazz seem to be trying to focus him onto being a combo guard working at the SG spot in most of his summer league minutes so far. I guess the coaches see the writing on the wall for him though.

With Neto officially on the team they may not need a 4th or 5th PG any more.

Raul is from Brazil, and has played for his native land in many international competitions at different age group levels. He has played there and in Spain professionally. He was initially drafted by the Atlanta Hawks, but had for a song in a draft night trade. He grew up watching John Stockton and has dated some absolutely stunning women. Though, each of those women knew in their hearts that they were not as beautiful as he. He last played for the Jazz at the Orlando Summer League back in 2013.

Congrats on being the Jazz heartbreaker Raul. Now focus on breaking ankles in Las Vegas!