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Rumor: Celtics could trade for George if Hayward signs, Amar could turn into a dinosaur too.

Sources say Paul George and Gordon Hayward could team up in Boston

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Does this look strange? Yes.
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According to unnamed sources, the Boston Celtics are on their way to their next superteam and future championship. Many basketball Hall of Famers are from this franchise, and no team has won more rings in the league. Objectively, the Boston Celtics are the best that ever was, and ever will be.

And if unnamed sources are to be believed it’s clear that the Celtics are forming the next great Celtics dynasty around Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward, and Paul George. (You know, move over Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish. Forget you Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. Bill Russell and Bob Cousy who?) Well, before we put the cart before the horse, or before we plan the parade before it happens, let’s look at this. And try not to laugh.

The Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers continue to discuss a Paul George trade but it is reportedly contingent on signing Gordon Hayward in free agency.

According to sources, the Celtics are in position to trade for George with a three-year extension in place. George would lose money, however, on an extend-and-trade as opposed to the raises he could receive simply becoming a free agent in 2018.

The Celtics passed on trading for Jimmy Butler at the draft and were instead focused on scenarios for George.

George has long preferred to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018, but it is possible the Celtics could make a trade for him with a commitment in the long-term.

George and Hayward were both members of the 2010 draft class and there was a report in March that indicated George wanted to play with Hayward, who is from Indiana.

So all of this apparently originates from Andy Kaufman with CBS Radio. And let’s be real, it’s a “IF” and then * maybe * situation here. It’s not a “this is a lock” and therefore “the other move is a lock” sequence.

Let’s be real. Danny Ainge was TRYING to get Jimmy Butler and he couldn’t do better than what the Minnesota Timberwolves did. The Wolves traded away a guy with busted ACL, a rookie who had a crappy year, and a pick . . . for Butler and a pick 9 spots lower.

Ainge couldn’t beat that. But somehow he has the slickness to get Gordon to leave a team that is better composed to support him, where he can make the most money? And then as a follow up he’s going to trade for Paul George - after already putting other GMs on public blast by commenting that “they are asking for too much?”

Sure, Danny Ainge did it back in 2007 when he made the moves for KG and Ray-Ray. But that was with the parts of a team that then GM Chris Wallace had. If Ainge isn’t willing to make a deal - a deal better than two young guards with a lot of question marks - then how is he going to swing this?

Frankly, I’m unmoved. You guys didn’t win the ring. You didn’t get by Cleveland (who got demolished). And you haven’t yet signed Hayward, let alone also then somehow made a trade with Indy for George. What are you going to send to Indy? More of your bigmen like Kelly Olynyk? They have Myles Turner, Al Jefferson, and Ike Anigbogu. You’re going to send wings? None of your wings are young enough to be enticing except rookie contract guy Jaylen Brown.

And you obviously weren’t willing to trade him for Butler.

This is all very silly. IF the Celtics sign Gordon they MAY trade for Paul. Sure. IF I turn into a dinosaur then I MAY find it hard to write blog posts.

If this does go down I will eat my hat. (My hat will be made out of pizza.) It’s not going to go down though. Gordon Hayward isn’t going to want to play with a guy who shoots the ball 20 times a game (Isaiah) while teaming up with someone who was upset an open man took a FGA in a close game, instead of passing it back to him when he was triple teamed (Paul).

The grass isn’t greener. Even if you are a Celtics homer.