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Breaking: Celtics Want Hayward; I Want A Pony

Here’s the Battle Damage Assessment after the latest #WojBomb. Could the Boston Celtics sign both stars?

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon, Jazzland. It’s Tuesday, which is a day ending in “y,” which means that the Boston Celtics are still after Gordon Hayward, as reported by The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

In order to do this, it should be noted that the Celtics need a few things to go their way:

1. Hayward has to decide to go to Boston.

2. The Celtics have to move some of their oh-so-precious assets to get Paul George from the Indiana Pacers.

3. There will have to be a salary dump somewhere in there, because PG and OG are expensive.

Are they capable of doing these things? Yes. Will they? Maybe.

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Tony Jones tweeted out some condescending optimism in response to Yahoo’s Jordan Schultz:

Here’s a breakdown of Schultz’ take:

Point 1: Winning, college coach

Yep, this should make Utah Jazz fans nervous.

Point 2: Utah has been good to Gordon

We’ve been burned in the past, and Jazz fans never forget. I don’t care if Dennis Lindsey offered Hayward a car dealership for every 3-pointer he made during the ‘17-’18 season. I still wouldn’t be convinced that he’s all-in to stay in Utah.

Point 3: But...but...Miami!

Lifestyle? What lifestyle? Going clubbing until 3am and getting schnockered every night while leaving his family at home? Color me skeptical. And does anyone really think he’d leave Rudy Gobert for . . . Goran Dragic? (Also, spare me your hot takes about Hassan Whiteside) Nah.

Tony’s take: (translated from sarcasm)

Point 1: The Jazz have a winning roster

So? I now refer you to our very own MyLo:

Point 2: Hayward likes Quin

This is true. Brad Stevens got Hayward to the NBA, but Quin and the staff here in Utah turned him into a star. We’ll see how much weight that carries.

Anyway, the Celtics want Hayward. The Jazz want Hayward. I’m pretty sure there’s not a team in the NBA that doesn’t want Hayward. I may want a pony, but unless I have enough money and land I’m not going to get it.

As I said before, though, there are many variables to consider, and nobody but the Haywards know for sure where they’ll be living in the future.

Refresh SLC Dunk often, folks, because it’s gonna get crazy.