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Are signs pointing to Gordon Hayward signing with the Utah Jazz?

Word is starting to trickle out

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are currently meeting with Gordon Hayward in San Diego, his home away from Salt Lake City, and details are starting to leak.

We know that Gordon Hayward wanted the Jazz to shore up the point guard position. There were even rumors that he wanted it to be George Hill.

As has already been talked about, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the talks with George Hill broke down after he turned down a 4 year $80 million extension with the Jazz. (Man, life comes at you fast.)

On the last day before free agency opened, the Jazz traded the Oklahoma City first round pick they received in the Enes Kanter trade for Ricky Rubio.

Customary for the Jazz, no additional details about the trade were made. Assumptions could only be made that Hayward wanted the trade.

Now, it’s becoming clear, it’s what he wanted. And I am getting pretty excited, guys.

According to Tony Jones, if Hayward signs, the Jazz aren’t done making deals.

It’s a good guess that in the discussions today with Hayward, they’re going to get his blessing on additional deals, much like they already probably did on the Rubio deal.

A decision is coming soon, guys.

[Ed Note (Amar) - 4:41 PM MT UPDATE:]

The meeting is still going on, according to Salt Lake Tribune beat writer T. Jones.

Hold onto our collective butts, indeed.