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Gordon Hayward’s Dad Supports #Stayward?

Is this a sign of things to come??

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

On Twitter, Gordon Hayward’s dad, Gordon Scott Hayward, has been mostly silent for the majority of the time he has been on Twitter. On an account that has existed for seven years, he only has 1,046 tweets. Compare that to a person who actively tweets, and that is almost nothing. For comparison, in two years on Twitter, I myself have racked up 4,648 tweets. So when Gordon Scott Hayward tweets, it inevitably carries a little more weight.

Gordon Scott Hayward tends to “retweet” a lot about his son (for those unfamiliar with Twitter, a re-tweet is basically sharing a tweet that somebody else posted). A dad understandably loves to brag about his son’s accomplishments. However, he has stayed away from tweets about his son’s decision until just recently....

Today there was a video campaign posted by the same guy who organized the #Stayward billboards.

The video was of fans thanking Gordon Hayward for his contributions to the Jazz, and urging him to stay. Gordon Scott Hayward retweeted this. He also retweeted the Jazz fan version of a song from Moana, which also urges Hayward to re-sign with the Jazz. Methinks Gordon Scott Hayward may just be on the Jazz’ side.

So Gordon, do what your dad says, and stay.