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The Gordon Hayward Debacle: Everything we think we know

Today has been an angry, confusing day. Let’s try to make sense of it together.

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so today we were supposed to hear the long awaited outcome of the whole NBA Free Agency situation surrounding Utah Jazz team captain Gordon Hayward. And, for a good hour or so it seemed like we had things figured out. He was going to the Utah Jazz Miami Heat Boston Celtics. Actually, we don’t know where he is going to go. And that is the frustrating and confusing part of this whole debacle.

It appears as though someone in his camp, or the Celtics camp, or with Priority Sports (his reps) leaked some information to ESPN’s Chris Haynes:

However, things went haywire shortly after. I know that I went nuts, but there was some level of PR spin and retraction. The ESPN leak was refuted.

Which is, um, crazy? Not as crazy as this, though:

So, they aren’t going to announce it today? At all? Our own Shums had this to add:

Steve Starks of the Jazz added this:

Of course, this all goes back to Haynes:

So what do we know? Officially he has not yet made an announcement; however, everyone kinda knows what is going to happen. He’s going to Boston. It looks bad the way the news came out, maybe it came out before it should have (hence a leak). And it’s going to still be resolved in the original way. Or at least that’s the interpretation of events from this guy.

I’m still pretty steamed by what has happened. But this is the way things go when you don’t hold an hour-long “Decision” where all the ad revenue is given to a local kids charity.

The Utah Jazz will prevail regardless of what happens with Gordon Hayward today or tomorrow. But for now this is the time-line of how the news has broken out - from the leak to the PR spin.

It’s been an upsetting day so far. But maybe Boris Diaw has the only sane attitude for today: