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Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell makes his 2019 NBA Free Agency predictions

The week of Spida in the news continues

It’s been a busy week for Donovan Mitchell. This time, he stopped by USA Today to do a segment with their video department predicting where some of the top NBA free agents will land when the signing period begins.

The two things I found most interesting here were that Mitchell, like the rest of the basketball world, seems genuinely clueless as to where Al Horford is heading. He also seems pretty confident that Kyrie Irving is landing in Brooklyn.

You can check out the whole video here:

Here’s where Donovan predicted the top free agents land:

Kevin Durant - New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets

Klay Thompson - Golden State Warriors

Jimmy Butler - NOT Philadelphia 76ers

Tobias Harris - Philadelphia 76ers

Al Horford - ???

Kawhi Leonard - Toronto Raptors

Kemba Walker - New York Knicks

Khris Middleton - Milwaukee Bucks

D’Angelo Russell - ???

Kyrie Irving - Brooklyn Nets

DeMarcus Cousins - Golden State Warriors

Malcolm Brogdon - Milwaukee Bucks

Personally, I think Donovan is a little more connected than he let on in that segment, but we’ll have to wait and see how his predictions stack up when free agency begins Sunday.