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Raul Neto could be salary cap casualty as cap is set at $109.14 million

Raul Neto or Georges Niang would have to be cut in order to make room for Mike Conley

NBA: Utah Jazz at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA now knows the official salary cap number for the 2019-2020 season. That figure? $109,140,000. That might seem like an arbitrary number, but that number means that in order for Utah to complete the Mike Conley trade on July 6th, they will have to cut either Raul Neto or Georges Niang. Right now, it appears that Raul Neto—our wolfie—is the leading candidate to be cut.

If the salary cap was only $100,000 more, the Utah Jazz wouldn’t have had to release Raul Neto or Georges Niang to complete the trade for Mike Conley. As such, the Utah Jazz are going to open up yet another roster and lose additional depth. This is another reason why Utah drafted every player in the second round during the NBA Draft.

While Raul Neto has been a solid piece for Utah, he has been unable to play consistent backup point guard minutes because of his size. Georges Niang fits the profile of a stretch four in the modern NBA and Utah is high on his future potential. I honestly would be shocked if Utah chose Raul Neto over Georges Niang due to Neto’s struggles with staying healthy and guarding larger point guards.

The Utah Jazz roster continues to get reshaped whether intentionally or unintentionally.