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CURVEBALL: Ricky Rubio pivots from Indiana and signs with Phoenix Suns

The former Jazzman is now a Phoenix Sun.

Phoenix Suns v Utah Jazz

It looks like the Utah Jazz will still see Ricky Rubio four times a year as Ricky Rubio signed with the Phoenix Suns for three years, $51 million. The Phoenix Suns will gain a strong veteran point guard to help build a strong culture in that wayward organization. Rubio will be a stabilizing presence on the floor as well. Rubio was known to give his whole heart and soul into every game he played.

It appears that Ricky Rubio and his team had to pivot to Phoenix once Malcolm Brodgdon became available for the Indiana Pacers. Pacers get a younger point guard to pair with Victor Oladipo and Phoenix gets a strong veteran presence. This looks like a win-win for both parties.

Good luck to Ricky Rubio in Phoenix!

Phoenix, take better care of Rubio than you did to countless former Jazz coaches and players.