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Utah Jazz sign Emmanuel Mudiay to one year contract

So the Utah Jazz are a ... gulp ... *destination* now?

New York Knicks v Utah Jazz Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Justin Zanik is flexing at this point. The Utah Jazz have signed 23 year old Emmanuel Mudiay to a one year contract. How did Utah land Mudiay? Mudiay and his agent felt that Utah was the place a young player could develop and become better. That’s right, folks. The secret is out. Johnnie Bryant’s reputation is spreading.


If there ever was a reason to get pulled out of watching the new Spider-Man, it’s to see the Utah Jazz absolutely running the free agency game. Mudiay is still a young project that the Utah Jazz may very well be able to turn into a quality combo guard. Last year Mudiay averaged 14 points and 3 assists, but in Utah’s development system he could be so much more. It’s crazy to see a player like Mudiay surrender himself to Utah’s development coaches this far in advance of the season. No coaxing, no coercion, he wants to learn. Like the Ancient One, the Utah Jazz are courting players who feel like they can become the best versions of themselves if they taste the mountain air and Utah’s advantage offense.

The bigger story here is what Utah has become. Welcome to the new Spurs. This is the type of story you’d see written of the Spurs. How the Spurs would rehab a player’s value and career. Utah is the place to be right now. Utah is no longer a secret. Wow.