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Mike Conley bypasses early termination option according to Chris Haynes

$34.5 million is too much to pass up

Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets - Game Seven Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

According to Chris Haynes Mike Conley will “bypass free-agency next week by not exercising “early termination option” on his $34.5 million salary for the 2020-21 season”

There were some people speculating he might bypass the option to sign a longer term deal but that’s obviously not the case. Turns out $34.5 million is hard to turn down in this economy!

Knowing this decision before draft and free agency is helpful for the Jazz for multiple reasons. If they feel Conley is a part of the future, or at least the short-term future, this helps them plan their moves in the draft and free agency.

Although if the Jazz plan on some sort of movement with the contract with some sort of trade they have a large expiring contract with a very good player. That could be valuable for a lot of teams looking to add talent and/or shed salary.

The first domino has fallen for the Jazz, what is the next one?