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New Orleans Pelicans guard Bryce Dejean-Jones shot dead attending first birthday of his child

A sad day

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know Bryce Dejean-Jones. I only really know him from my NBA Draft big board excel file. I don't remember seeing any of his 279 minutes in the NBA last season, his rookie year. But I do know that outside of being an NBA fan that this is a tragic story. Yes, the New Orleans Pelicans continue to have the absolute worst luck, but former Utah Jazz player, and current Pelicans insider / TV personality Stephen Howard is a lot closer to this situation. And he has a much better way of putting it in context compared to the sterile way the NBA's commissioner Adam Silver did:

As Howard explains:

As someone who fell in love with a volatile person I understand how seemingly resolvable situations can escalate. We do not have all of the details and we never will. It's sad when a 23 year old father (who as an NBA player would have had the ability to absolutely give his child massive advantages in life) is killed -- and that child will now be without. I don't know what's up with anything else here. But it's sad for his parents, his friends, his family, his fans, and of course, his teammates.

Be safe everyone. Be smart. But be together. Life is remarkably volatile and finite.