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2019 NBA Offseason: Build your 2019-2020 Utah Jazz roster here

Getting confused by all the Jazz’s options this offseason? We got you covered.

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

We get it. The NBA Offseason can get confusing. With Bird Right’s, Restricted Free Agency, Mid Level Exceptions, Two Way Contracts, Trade Player Exceptions, etc., it can all get confusing. For those of you who still want to see what Utah could get in the offseason to help their team, but don’t want to take a Salary Capology 101 course, we made this handy dandy flow chart for you.

Do you think Tobias Harris is going to land with the Utah Jazz? Or do you think the Jazz should go after Mike Conley? Are you an extreme optimist and believe D’Angelo Russell is going to leave Brooklyn if/when Kyrie Irving signs there? Or do you think Kemba Walker is the #1 choice?

How are you going to fill out the Jazz roster? What role players will you find in the secondary and tertiary markets of free agency? Patrick Beverly perhaps? Do you think Noah Vonley needs another chance in a good system? Do you think Utah should go back to the Salt Lake City Stars for another G-League surprise?

Heard some of you were having trouble viewing it. You can download the full image here.

Write in the comments who you landed in the 2019 NBA Offseason. What do you think is the most likely Jazz squad for next season? What’s your lineup look like?