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Derrick Favors not a lock to return to the Jazz according to Tony Jones of the Athletic

The next two weeks might be crazy for the Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

According to Tony Jones of the Athletic Derrick Favors isn’t a lock to return to the Utah Jazz.

After the Utah Jazz traded for Mike Conley, it was clear that the Jazz are ready to go for it next season. When you consider the injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson the window is open for a title run and Utah is not going to pass that up the chance.

Saying that Derrick Favors is not a lock to return isn’t saying he won’t be back, but it is clear that the Utah Jazz are going to be active in free agency to put the best team possible on the floor.

The nice thing for Utah is that if things don’t work out in free agency to grab another high level player, having Derrick Favors as a backup plan is a great option.

Losing Jae Crowder in the Mike Conley trade means a bigger role for Georges Niang but, if the Jazz want to ensure their depth, they’ll want to bring on another power forward.

July 1st is going to be fun!