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Donovan Mitchell is playing a lot of basketball this summer, and that’s a great sign

Another day, another soul taken by the Spida

In the days of old, there was no basketball to watch during the summer. Once the NBA Finals ended, you were stuck without being able to watch your favorite basketball players for months until the following season resumed once again. We’re not in the old days anymore. With the boom of social media, we see our favorite players throughout the whole summer, almost every day depending on how much they or their PR team post. We also live in a day where anytime NBA players are playing on any court, someone’s recording and posting for all to see. Obviously the level of play and effort isn’t near the actual NBA floor, but it’s still awesome to see these guys casually hooping with their friends or colleagues in t-shirts and hoodies.

Like many NBA players, we’ve seen Donovan Mitchell on the court a lot this summer, which is a great sign. And not only has Mitchell been hooping, he’s been HOOPING man.

We’ve been lucky enough to see a couple peaks into these summer runs that Donovan Mitchell’s been participating in, including playing with guys like Trae Young, Dennis Smith, Carmelo Anthony, and working with notorious basketball skills trainer Chris Brickley.

Yesterday we saw another great video from a summer run, and Donovan Mitchell getting buckets in a special type of way.

A crazy stepback and two huge dunks were the main highlights from yesterday’s run, and it adds to the highlight reel for Mitchell’s summer of hoops.

Besides putting dudes on the floor and dunking all over the place, the best thing about these summer runs from Mitchell is that he looks really really healthy. Last summer he wasn’t even cleared to be on the court until mid-summer, and you could see how it affected his game with his slow start to the season. You just hope that all of this training and the FIBA World Cup next month doesn’t wear him out too much, or result in any type of injury. We’ll leave the judgment up the Donovan, and enjoy the heck out of all these summer highlights.