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New NBA Court images have leaked featuring multiple new retro court designs and secondary logos

New courts leaking means NBA basketball is one step closer


New NBA court designs and team secondary logos leaked online that included multiple retro court designs.

u/lakerswiz revealed all the images on reddit with all the images coming from imgur.

This confirms what Jazz fans had recently seen when photographs of the new Jazz court being painted were leaked.

The disappointing part is that the Utah Jazz standard court will still be missing the paint in the block which has not been a great look for what is otherwise a fantastic overall design.

It also confirms the city court will be back next season also.

Jazz city court

The designs include a huge amount of new court images and some new logos the majority of the teams in the NBA. Here are some other new designs that stand out.

The Los Angeles Clippers are getting a new city court design.

Clippers new city edition court

Just like the Jazz the Toronto Raptors are getting the 90’s throwback court which means the Raptors throwback will almost certainly be returning.

raptors throwback court

It’s going to be throwbacks for everyone it seems because the Cleveland Cavaliers are bringing a new throwback court also.

Cleveland Cavaliers throwback court design

The famed Vancouver Grizzlies look is being done for the new Memphis Grizzlies throwback court and it’s amazing.

Finally, and this isn’t a new leaked retro, I just thought it was interesting the Orlando Magic are adding an orange flair to one of their new court designs for a possible new city jersey.

orlando magic new court design

You can see all the leaked court designs here.