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Kyle Kuzma is looking like a possible free agent signing for the Jazz

There’s a lot of reasons to think this could be possible

Sacramento Kings v Washington Wizards Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Don’t look now but the Utah Jazz are looking like suitors for Kyle Kuzma.

If this report is to be believed, this would be a nice signing for the Jazz who are looking like they’ll be a playoff-competitive team next season. There’s also some real reasons to believe that this could be a possibility.

First, the Utah Jazz have a lot of cap space next season. According to Spotrac, the Jazz have about $45M in space next year, which could potentially be as much as $66M if all of their players opt out of their player options. We’re looking at you, Jordan Clarkson. If Clarkson opts into his contract, that still means they will have a huge amount of space to make offers to players. If they want to outbid someone, and a player’s decision comes down to the most money, Utah can make that happen. The question will be the length of the contract. But with Lauri Markkanen on the books for $17M next season and $18M the following year, the Jazz have the opening they need to make something happen.

There are other reasons to think that maybe something might happen with the Jazz. Look who was recently visiting Utah and at Rudy Gobert’s house.

On top of that, we know that Kuzma has a history here with his time at the University of Utah. In the end, this will all come down to what Kuzma decides, but there’s a perfect fit for him with the Utah Jazz alongside Lauri Markkanen, Walker Kessler, and Ochai Agbaji. Not to mention the picks the Jazz have in this draft and the possibility of other players signing within the cap.

It’s looking like a fun offseason for the Utah Jazz. It might also be time to get hyped for the upcoming season with how many things are trending in the right direction.