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Jazz Podcast: Rudy Gobert to be a two sport athlete? And more Utah talk

Wizards preview and many more Jazz topics!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Once again I was a guest on the Phil Naessens show. I got to talk about the Utah Jazz about how things are going with the team on defense, and on offense. Check it all out here at Phil's site, or just listen down below:

Hilarity ensues!

  • The Utah Jazz rekt the Charlotte Hornets
  • Perhaps it was addition by subtraction, with regards to the Enes Kanter trade (to get more minutes for Rudy Gobert)
  • We don't talk enough about how awesome it is that Rudy stays out of foul trouble
  • There's a shift in where the 'defense gives you shots' from now
  • Actual fan question: What position would Rudy Gobert play if he was a baseball player?
  • ...looking back at the Greg Ostertag pitching problem....
  • The six game win streak (@PHI, @BKN, vs NYK, vs HOU, vs DET, vs CHA)
  • The six game win streak could have been 14 if they beat the Lakers and Celtics, total deficit for those games combined was 4 points
  • The defense is killing it, but the Jazz are killing themselves at the free throw line
  • It's tough to rely on Derrick Favors on offense
  • Rodney Hood is stepping up right now
  • Quin Snyder's fantastic job this season
  • The Wizards game preview
  • Marcin Gortat may be shell-shocked when playing the Utah Jazz
  • The Lakers game preview
  • uuuugghh, they better win this game

Thanks again Phil!