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NBA Podcast: MVP Debate -- Do wins matter, or just numbers?

Or are we going to have a re-play of the 2005 season?

Elsa/Getty Images

Phil Naessens had me on the show and we talked about the NBA Season and the MVP debate. I think that this year we're probably going to be going for a re-play of some of those mid 2000s Phoenix Suns era where they came out of nowhere, won a lot of games, and their coach and best player ended up with some hardware. This time we see that with the Golden State Warriors. I'm not crazy about them, but this is the feeling I am getting. Listen to the show here at Phil's site, or just down below.

My part starts at the 22:22 minute mark. And here are my Top 5 guys right now.

  1. Stephen Curry (GSW)
  2. James Harden (HOU)
  3. Marc Gasol (MEM)
  4. LeBron James (CLE)
  5. Russell Westbrook (OKC)

I do hold an obvious bias towards a) your team has to be winning, and b) your stats have to matter. Obviously, the honorable mentions have to go to guys like Damian Lillard, and guys who just aren't winning enough like John Wall, Anthony Davis, and Kyle Lowry. I'll never vote for a Clippers player, so sorry Chris Paul. And I will never vote for a Bulls player either. Sadly, we don't know where to put the Hawks. It's like the old Pistons -- a great team, with a lot of good players. But no out and out dominator.

Thanks again Phil for having me on as a guest to talk about the NBA.