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NBA Podcast: Western Conference Round-up and Steve Nash's place in history

This podcast was recorded last week, but worth listening to!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I was one of the guests on a mostly all NBA podcast hosted by Phil Naessens. It was a lot of fun! Who was on it?

  • Portland Trail Blazers talk w/ Dave of Blazer's Edge. They're going to clinch the division at some point, should they shut down LaMarcus Aldridge? Don't jeopardize their four-year window for anything crazy this season. Blazer's Edge night had 1150 under privileged kids go to a home game. Wow. I love that.
  • Mavs Moneyball's Tim got in to talk about what's happening in Dallas, their head coach Rick Carlisle has called out his team. How can Monte Ellis be at his best? Is Dirk Nowitzki having a time-machine moment, with his throwback numbers?
  • After a Fantasy baseball segment some loser talks about Steve Nash, and tries to justify him being a Top 5 PG of all time. This is clearly my segment, and it beings at the 33:25 part, and it's hard to find fully nice things to say about Nash. He has good numbers, played in good systems, but I find that his lack of playoff moments (or even advancing in the playoffs) hurts his legacy. He's no Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Isiah Thomas, or whomever. I really can't get over his defensive shortcomings. I've read a number of Jazz fans suggest that Stockton wasn't THAT good on defense, in an attempt to make Nash look more memorable. I don't know. It's maddening to me, because it's a frame of reference issue. Ultimately I think of off the court stature helps him more than his on court failures hurt him. It's a rambling segment that ends up deviating into talking about Rick Pitino and how high school players should be able to make it to the pros. I feel as though there needs to be a valid option beyond having to be in bed with the corrupt and evil NCAA. But that's just how I feel.
  • In the last segment Phil talks with Kevin Lipe of the Memphis Flyer, and it's really good Memphis Grizzlies talk. More and more I think our team is trying to style itself in a grit-and-grind kind of way. So learning more about Memphis is important to me.

Listen to all of it here, or just click below:

And thanks again to Phil for having such a great podcast, and having me and the rest of my SBN buddies as guests!