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Utah Jazz Podcast: Everyone getting on the bandwagon

Looking at the Four Game road trip, Rudy Gobert's defense, Quin Snyder, and maturity!

"No, no . . . the bandwagon starts over there."
"No, no . . . the bandwagon starts over there."
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

This morning I was on the Phil Naessens' show once again, and we got to talk about the Utah Jazz! Woo! This team of young giant slayers continues to impress at home and on the road. The defense is better and the players are making people look silly for doubting them. Check it all out at Phil's site here; or just be lazy and listen down below.

My part leads off the show, and it's really great radio for Jazz fans. (Sorry for my poor internet connection, and I guess my voice?)

  • Rudy Gobert is doing things -- everyone knows
  • Since the All-Star break guys like Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Gobert, and Trey Burke have been trouble for the other team
  • The improved play has happened against the Trail Blazers, Grizzlies, Spurs, etc
  • I don't think we are making as big a deal about the 24 rebounds as we should -- that's an insane number
  • Maturity and good decision making are both improved -- it's not just better stats
  • Elijah Millsap 's impact on defense, being infectious on a bargain basement contract
  • Quin Snyder 's passion is a big difference from Tyrone Corbin 's "hands in pants" look
  • Boston Celtics are the #11 in the East, are cohorts of the Jazz it appears
  • The Four Game Road Trip could be huge for the team

Thanks Phil for having me on the show, it's so much fun to consistently talk about the Jazz!