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Utah Jazz 57 Los Angeles Lakers 53 Halftime Show

Yes, we’re still doing these!

NBA: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz (12-9) are injured. And they are on the road. The bad news is that they are on the road to play the Los Angeles Lakers (10-12), in a place they don’t win a lot of games in. The good news is that LA is also injured. So it evens out? Maybe? I don’t know.

The first quarter had the Jazz bust out of the gate, play defense, and put up a big lead. But LA didn’t give up. After one it was a 26-26 game. Now at halftime the score is 57-53.

Big games so far from Gordon Hayward, Dante Exum, Lou Williams, Boris Diaw, and . . . Timofey Mozgov? Okay. Watch our halftime show!


Ed. This doesn’t seem to be working on it, maybe no video tonight. Oh well.