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NBA Finals 2016 Preview Podcast: Cleveland Cavaliers could turn up the pressure on Golden State Warriors

The NBA Finals, but also previewing the NBA Draft, NBA Free Agency, what will happen this off-season with the Utah Jazz, New York Knicks, and more!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

One and a half hour podcast? Mostly about the NBA, the Utah Jazz, the New York Knicks, the NBA Draft, NBA Free Agency, and of course, the NBA Finals? Yes. It's a long, fun, rambling podcast with my main man Phil Naessens. The Golden State Warriors are peacocks, and yes, they got over the Oklahoma City Thunder . . . . but the Cleveland Cavaliers could be a team motivated enough to take them out.

We're going to have to find out over the next few games.

Before we get to that we have to talk about the Utah Jazz and what are they going to do this off-season. Yes, there's point guard talk, but I kind of figure out a way to send Trey Burke to somewhere he'll be effective . . . while giving the Jazz a possible addition by subtraction. We address the idea of trading Gordon Hayward away. (Why?)


There's also Jeff Hornacek talk, what's going to happen with the "big fish" free agents, and more!

Thanks to Phil for having me on this show. And it was so much fun to work with you over the last season.