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Let’s stop saying these things about the Jazz

You know what really grind my gears?

NBA: Utah Jazz at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz are winning a lot of games this year and I’m not used to it. It’s a strange feeling... I think it’s called happiness.

Honestly, there’s not a lot of reasons for me to be angry. Sure, you can always get frustrated about specific losses. But, most losses this season, are pretty explainable to either injury, schedule, or the Warriors having cheat codes.

But, as my natural state could mostly be described as curmudgeon, here are some things I would like us to stop saying about the team, or in general.


I have no idea if the Jazz have ever actually done this. But you can bet we sure talk about it, and every time it turns me into a fussy man baby.

The only instance where I think this happened or was successful was in Enes Kanter’s final season with us. That season it felt like his starting spot was locked in regardless of the worlds that Rudy was destroying on the second unit. By the trade deadline this fussy man baby was throwing full on tantrums. I can remember the Taco Bell drive-thru I was rolling through when I heard on the radio Kanter was traded. I screamed out loud as taco meat (possibly horse?) came out of my mouth and punched a chubby taco fist into the air.

So did it work then? Or even happen? Maybe. Although, I think it was more that Kanter was a solid low post and rebounding option that was traded because he requested it.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

But we say showcasing all the time as if it’s a normal occurrence. Last season we talked about with Trey Burke over Dante Exum and this season it’s been Shelvin Mack .... over Dante. The only player we don’t seem to showcase ... is Dante.

And that’s the major reason I hate this. It doesn’t work and it doesn’t help your team. If we’ve been showcasing Shelvin and keeping minutes away from Dante because of it, I may attempt to punch a hole in the wall. After the crying stops, I’ll then tweet angrily about it.

So can we PLEASE stop saying this? I’m guessing other teams have scouting departments and access to the internet where they can type in URLs of statistic websites. That’s just a guess, though. I mean, Phil Jackson did miss a trade deadline because he was vacationing in the Caribbean or something and didn’t have phone reception. That seems like a guy that sees a few Jazz games and says, “Hey, that’s a nifty floater there.” Maybe it works with GMs like that, but most GMs seem pretty competent to me.

The Jazz aren’t playing well against teams above .500

Stop this, just stop!

Our recent winning streak has come against mostly below .500 teams. That also happens to coincide with our team finally being healthy, except for Favors (insert sad emoji).

Is it possible that, maybe, just maybe, if we weren’t missing multiple starters we might have won more games against the better teams in the league? My guess is probably. Look at this...

It’s not a complete excuse but it does matter. If the Jazz win maybe 3 to 4 more games this season with a full roster we’re probably in the 3 seed. For now we’ll just have to see how the Jazz do for the rest of the season. What’s that? Derrick Favors and Rodney Hood are hurt again. BLURGHHGHHGHGHGHGH.

Send Dante to the D-League

To some this seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Just send the guy we spent an entire season tanking for to the D-League and not have him build chemistry with the players he supposedly will be playing with in the future.

I can only say one thing to this idea.

The majority of the people who enjoy this also seem to have Larry H. Miller stamped on their paychecks.

For those of us who paid for seats, or cable bills, or for league pass during the tanking season this is out of the question.

The Jazz will tell you that Quin’s job is to win and Dante’s development is up to Dante. A drastic change from last season when we were told that one of Quin’s major strengths was developing players. The thing I want to find out from Quin is: has he ever been a part of a tanking season? As a fan, coach or player? My guess is no.

We fans had to sit through every one of those losses. We had to hear things like “Get better.” We had to watch a coach send the best defensive center in the league to the D-League when our general manager made one request, “Become a better defensive team.”

Quin didn’t go through these things. He didn’t have to get through the season checking every day. He didn’t cheer as we saw the Orlando Magic select Aaron Gordon leaving us with the best point guard prospect in the draft. He wasn’t here and I bet he’d have a different perspective if he had been.

At this point, we have to live with the fact that Shelvin Mack is probably being traded and the minutes he played could have gone to Dante and are now wasted (see above point on showcasing).

The other person that doesn’t agree with this is Dante himself. I’m sure they’ve asked him if he wants to go to the D-League and I’m sure he’s told them he doesn’t want to. And you can bet that didn’t make Quin happy. Which maybe is why he seems so hard on him. But it’s Dante’s right to choose not to being his 3rd season in the league.

Let’s give Dante more time. He was good enough to have a winning record in his rookie season, why can’t he figure it out now with better players?