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NBA Power Rankings

NBA Power Rankings: Pair of wins puts Utah Jazz back on track

The Jazz get a slight bump on the back of some close victories

NBA Power Rankings: Losing streak drops Utah Jazz

An 0-4 week was not kind to the Jazz

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz riding NBA’s longest win streak up the rankings

Utah’s work over the last month has earned them a new season high

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz arrow pointing up as win streak continues

The Jazz are the owners of the longest current win streak in the league

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz end 2019 on a high note

Utah finishes the calendar year winning nine of their last eleven

NBA Power Rankings: We all know what happens this week

Spoiler: The Utah Jazz are not playing well right now

NBA Power Rankings: Continued offensive woes cause slip for Utah Jazz

The defense is still there, the offense... Still coming around. It’s affecting the power rankings

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz rise after beating East powerhouses

A 2-0 week over the cream of the Eastern Conference crop has the Jazz climbing

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz fall despite fast start

A 3-1 start to the season hasn’t helped the Jazz with a couple of publications.

NBA Power Rankings: The Utah Jazz start anew

Where have the offseason moves and preseason action placed the Jazz in the eyes of the national media?

NBA Power Rankings: The Utah Jazz end on a high note

How does the media view the Jazz at the end of the regular season?

NBA Power Rankings: The penultimate regular season ranks

Where do the Utah Jazz stack up as they come down the stretch?

NBA Power Rankings: Blowout wins not enough to stop Utah Jazz slide

Despite a 3-1 week, the Jazz continue to slip down the rankings

NBA Power Rankings: Arrow pointing up for Utah Jazz

An impressive 3-0 week solidified Utah in the top 10

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz slip coming off short week

A 1-point double OT loss in OKC drops the Jazz a few spots around the web

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz looking good at the break

Utah’s 32-25 record at the break has the Jazz in the top third of the league

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz falter against playoff opposition

A 1-2 week has the Jazz being bumped down the power rankings boards

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz arrow still pointing up

Utah went 3-1 last week, have won 9 of 10

NBA Power Rankings: Win streak propels Utah Jazz up rankings

Utah was a perfect 3-0 last week

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz continue to inch toward top 10

A 3-1 week gave the Jazz a bump for the fourth consecutive week

NBA Power Rankings: Strong second halves give Utah Jazz slight bump

Another 2-1 week has Utah making some progress for the national pundits

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz hold steady

A 2-1 week got Utah back within a game of .500

NBA Power Rankings: Jazz on the upswing?

Utah had two great performances and one clunker in a 2-1 week

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz continue descent

The Utah Jazz made a trade and went 2-2 this week.

NBA Power Rankings: Will the real Utah Jazz please stand up?

A whirlwind 2-2 week offered a little of everything.

NBA Power Rankings: National media not impressed with Boston win

A 2-1 week included a cathartic win over the Celtics, but the rankings didn’t reflect it.

NBA Power Rankings: Winless week drops Utah Jazz

Hello darkness my old friend... The power rankings drop again...

NBA Power Rankings: 3-1 week impresses national pundits

The Jazz stumbled out of the blocks against Memphis, but finished the week 3-0 on the road

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz maintain position

A close loss to the Warriors didn’t affect the Jazz’s Monday rankings too much

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