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NBA Trade Deadline 2016: Ty Lawson may not be a Utah Jazz player, but neither could Trey Burke

Morning Update on Trey Burke rumors

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

After a night of craziness, we delve into the totally crazy as the next 12 hours (because deals will happen after the 3 p.m. Eastern deadline). For the Utah Jazz the rumors have been abound about the movement / liberation of Trey Burke. One of the most vocal (their side is leaking info) suitors are the Houston Rockets. Houston is highly motivated to move Ty Lawson. He's not working for them. He's coming off the bench for them. And he's making more than Derrick Favors this year and gets a raise next year. It's gotten to the point that rumblings out of H-Town suggest that if they can't move Lawson that they'll just waive him instead. So, it's more for them than for the Jazz to get a proposed deal (which would have to include more salaries, like Trevor Booker) done.

But what about Trey? Apparently it's surfacing that his camp believes that he should get a chance to compete for a starting spot somewhere. I feel like he's a Top 40 PG in the league, I don't know if he's a Top 30 PG in the league. But there are lots of things I do not know and I am willing to admit as such. Other people commenting on the Burke in Utah situation know more, or at least put on the airs that they do. In a way, many are assuming that the Jazz wish to honor his desire to be a starter somewhere and will move him sooner rather than later. For Utah they don't need Lawson, and perhaps with the emergence of Raul Neto and the hopes that Dante Exum returns healthy, that they don't need Burke either.

So if he is to be moved, it may not be for Lawson -- but someone else.

Now for the tweets!

Okay, there's a lot there. First of all, we have to look at one huge thing -- Lawson is a troubled player off the court who is limping into 2016 Free Agency with not much to show for himself. He's more desperate than Trey is right now. Second, the Jazz don't have to help Lawson out, but they feel like helping Trey out because he did the opposite of what Enes Kanter did, and they did move Kanter as he requested.

A classy organization tries to keep it classy, and the Jazz will be doing that if they move Trey. Personally, I would rather everything work out, but players and teams need to figure it out for themselves. There can be other suitors for Trey, but their sides are not leaking info. And we know the Jazz run a tight lipped ship. Trey is better than Ty. I think Utah also knows that, especially with their slow pace of play, that Ty's strengths will be eliminated in the #801.

If a move is made it's because Utah wants it to happen. And not because the Houston Rockets are desperate enough to move a guy that they are thinking of eating his $12 million in salary by cutting him.