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Utah Jazz trade for Shelvin Mack, send second round draft pick to Atlanta Hawks


Welcome home!
Welcome home!
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

As first reported by Yahoo! Sports guru Adrian Wojnarowski, the Utah Jazz and the Atlanta Hawks are indeed dancing partners again. Utah got Raul Neto from them, and years ago they got Dominique Wilkins from us. Today we are adding limited minutes, bench point guard Shelvin Mack to the family. Woj reports that it's at the cost of a 2nd round draft pick.

This rumor was first discussed here, earlier today; and now we can say that it's moved from rumor to fact. The Jazz are not sending any players back, so right now the team has a complete 15-man roster. The Hawks aren't adding anyone back either, so they don't have to cut anyone. Mack is making $2.4 million this year, and the Jazz are very under the cap so this is nothing to worry about. He's making $2.4 million next year but it's non-guaranteed. So, again, that's nothing to worry about either.

What is to worry about right now is Trey Burke. The team has added another point guard, we're not at four, and one of them needs to go. And that guy will be Burke. So I expect more Jazz deals to happen today.

How does Mack fit with the Jazz? As a Hawks player he played under assistant coach Quin Snyder, now he will be under head coach Quin Snyder. He also is familiar with Gordon Hayward -- being his point guard during Butler's great run to the NCAA Championship. Other than that, the 25 year old point guard hasn't exactly been killing it at the NBA level. This season he is averaging 3.9 ppg, 1.6 apg, and 0.9 spg. He is shooting 14.8% from downtown, and on paper, he's really not close to Trey Burke. He's not a good NBA player right now. Jazz fans hate Trey and think he is horrible. I can only imagine if they will be objective enough to see how good Mack is (or is not). For his career, though, Mack is a 5.3 ppg guy who can dish a bit, 2.7 apg. He's not a shooter. Not at all. Which is one of the things Snyder needs from his point guys who invariably are spotting up more and more as wings handle the ball.

Mack will be a better 3rd stinger in my opinion than Burke would have been. And that's really it.

This is the move before "The" Move. So getting a PG was important. We have him now. I can't wait to see what our team does next!

Welcome to the team Shelvin, why didn't you bring Kyle Korver with you?