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Sacramento Kings trade DeMarcus Cousins away to New Orleans Pelicans for peanuts. Mass hysteria ensues.

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NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Trade deadline is on February 23rd. But there are some bombs going off right now. The Vertical / Yahoo! Sports master and student Woj and Shams have this one covered. But the basics are that the Sacramento Kings and the New Orleans Pelicans are making a trade. DeMarcus Cousins is going to New Orleans - - - and the Kings aren’t really getting market value in return.

  • Kings Get: Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, 2017 1st round pick, 2017 2nd round Pick (via Philadelphia 76ers) — the 2nd round pick has some protection
  • Pelicans Get: DeMarcus Cousins, Omri Casspi

First of all, this makes the Kings very bad in the near future. The Utah Jazz play them in Sacramento in March 5th, and again on March 29th. Both are road games. Second, this potentially makes the Pelicans a playoff team in the near future. The Utah Jazz play them in Utah on March 6th, and then again on March 27th (on TNT).

That’s right, the Jazz get #UTAatSAC and then #NOPatUTA in a double-header, and then later on in the month get #NOPatUTa, a day off, then #UTAatSAC. Crazy.

Utah is still going to have to play every game on the schedule, and try to win as many as possible. This adds a new wrinkle to four of them for sure. What does this mean for teams going ‘small’ or playing SFs at PF? What does it mean for the future of Derrick Favors as a pairing with Rudy Gobert? We’ll see. But it’s for Dennis Lindsey to find out.