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NBA Trade Rumors 2022

There’s a lot of noise out there but will anything happen?

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Phoenix Suns v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

2/8/2022 - Jazz included in De’Aaron Fox rumor

This is now “highly unlikely” so take this rumor as pretty much just that, a rumor. Still, it’s interesting to see the Jazz are linked with something like this. Trades have been happening right and left, we’ll see if the Jazz make a move in the next couple days.

2/8/2022 - Could the Jazz still get Josh Hart?

With the trade that just went through for the Portland Trail Blazers and New Orleans Pelicans, could the Utah Jazz find a way to get Josh Hart?

It’s not clear if the deal is finalized yet, perhaps the Jazz can find a way to get involved in that deal and come away with a difference maker on the perimeter?

2/8/2022 - Joe Ingles trade likely?

Against the Knicks last night the Utah Jazz broadcast had Joe Ingles on for commentary and he mentioned that if he were moved and it helped the team that he would be okay with that. Ingles could be traded and then re-sign with the Jazz after he comes back from injury. It would be a great story if Ingles could retire a Jazzman one day.

This note from Ingles matches up with a story from earlier this week from Tony Jones that an Ingles trade could be likely.

2/7/2022 - Josh Richardson a target for the Jazz?

The Utah Jazz are in serious need of perimeter defense and they’re scouring the market for anyone that could come in and make an impact. According to Tony Jones one possible target for the Jazz would be Josh Richardson. Richardson is a plus defender and can shoot the ball. He would be an instant defensive improvement on the perimeter whenever he steps on the floor. Can the Jazz make a move happen?

The Utah Jazz have been surrounded by rumors for some time. With trade deadline coming on Thursday 2/10, and a flurry of trades already happening. I’ll update this article with every bit of trade rumor news that comes.