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Agree/disagree with Utah Jazz Assistant Coach Scott Layden (who thought Tyrone Corbin should have been Coach of the Year):

Coach Corbin has got to get a lot of credit for [the young guys' play] because through injury, through different lineups, through playing a lot of young guys, giving guys experience. As you know, there's many coaches in this league that if they're faced with playing a young player or an older player, they're going to play the older player every time. But I thought that Coach Corbin right from the start, gave everyone on the roster, including our younger players, opportunity and a chance to succeed, and that was really the key so that at the end of the season, when we were faced with injuries or lineup changes, that those guys came in and were prepared to play. 'Cause if you sit a young player, and he sits for 40 games, and then you say, OK in the last 20 games go get 'em, he's not prepared. He's not gonna be ready. So in the case of a guy like Alec Burks, I thought he got some very valuable minutes early, and it gave him an opportunity to get his NBA legs under him, and now you see him go in the game, you're not surprised when he has great moments and really helps us win games. Enes Kanter, some coaches in the league would not put him in games, but here he is. He's in every game. Had that great game in L.A. when Al was out, and helped us win that game, which maybe that was a pivotal game. So I give Coach Ty a lot of credit there. A lot of coaches wouldn't have done that.

This came up in conversation yesterday (read from bottom).

The Jazz were adamant about this when Corbin was named head coach: He was head coach, period. Not interim head coach. Despite being unproven (correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Corbin had ever been a lead assistant?), the Jazz gave him a three-year contract to show how un-interimy he was. Should we then be allowed to have higher expectations rather than looking for that one guy that picked the Jazz to finish last, comparing our record against that, and then saying Corbin overachieved?

Dear Lord,

May we see a lot of this man...

[Ed. Note: This was an awesome picture of Derrick Favors throwing down a two handed jam]

...on the court in Game 3, and may he wrought wonders and still be allowed to stay on the court. Amen.

If you're already looking beyond this season, @DJJazzyJody's got you covered with a list of early entrants for the 2012 NBA Draft.

What, in your opinion, was the most important lesson to be learned from the Jazz coaches' perspective from Game 1 to Game 2, and do you feel this lesson was learned and adequate game-to-game adjustments were made?


Spurs fan here

I agree with the fact that Ty Corbin did a great job during the regular season, but I think it’s fair to say that the paragraph above does not hold ground when you see that Ty starts Josh Howard at the SF.
I like Ty though, hold on to him for a while.

Spurs fans are just so darn nice (and smart too)

I’m so glad we didn’t get the Lakers in the first round.

Not because of their players, but because of their ‘fans’!

you're glad?

F that! we would’ve beat them in a series… I would have LOVED to face the lakers, are you high?

I just re-read your post, WOW, just wow, you prefer to get the spurs in the first round because their online community is full of “nice” guys hahaha. oh man, that’s hilarious.

easy there Mr. Overreact.

All G Note did was compliment a spurs fan for being respectful while commenting on this site. You read too much into things.

Thanks, I agree with what you said about Laker fans.
I like Jazz fans as well, you guys are classy.

WTH Scott Layden????

wow, Scott may as well get on his hands and knees

He makes Ty look like a glorified Phil Jackson. I threw up in my mouth a little.

Oh, and Ty being an overachiever, bwhaha <3.

oh, and I don't think adjustments were made

Nor do I think they ever will be. I bet Ty will try to stick with the same lineup because of that XP that Howard brings to the table. Ty will start praying and thinking this lineup will just “come to life”.

Definition of insanity

getting to the playoffs

was an over achievement, was it not?

He forgot what rotation was meshing, and which rotation got him there, but that's cool

Ty is not an over achiever because he was forced

To play the squad that worked. If Howard came back before that 5 game winning streak and started, we would’ve been screwed.

from David Locke

“Main reason I am re-watching Jazz v. Spurs is to see what happened to Al Jefferson. Will post more but in meantime. 1st quarter only gets 3 touches in left block entire 1st quarter. Goes 0 for 2 to the middle on Duncan. Jazz on two occasions don’t get him the ball in the post when guarded by DeJuan Blair, he gets pushed high but he could have been given the ball. He scores once on drive from left elbow. 1 nice pass to Millsap – I would say 4 real touches in entire 1st quarter. "

I do agree that Duncan is just giving it to Al, he hasn’t been comfortable in either game. and that’s our biggest problem, blame all you want on the coach, Duncan and the spurs are just that much better than us.

I am really tired of hearing "the Spurs are just too good" from media guys.

Okay. They are. We were never going to win this series. But when that is coupled with an exPlanation as to why the Jazz lost by 40 or as justification to Ty making decisions that don’t give the Jazz the best chance to win, that’s unacceptable. Why did we even play the series if that’s how good the Spurs are? I don’t want to hear it again from any media member. It’s a cop out and sets a bad example to the winning culture this organization is so keen on establishing.

Spurs are good, but not 30 point blowout good.

The Jazz have plenty of talent, but not the experience to hang with a team like the Spurs. Ty has been out coached in both playoff games, and Ty has out coached himself if that makes sense. He picked the wrong time to go back to his old rotations. Should of stayed with what got him there


Scotty just got a little confused. He’s accidentally talking about Gregg Popovich while thinking he’s referring to Ty’s coaching.

I got tired of hearing the "experts picked the Jazz to be the worst team in the league" stuff a long time ago

Like you said, it was one guy.

Did the Jazz exceed expectations? Of course. But they weren’t universally expected to be the worst team in the league. Not even close.

I can’t figure out how anyone could be called a Coach of the Year because injuries forced him to play his most talented players instead of keeping them to 10 minutes per game the way he wanted. And how can a guy be Coach of the Year when he intentionally limits his best post player to 21 minutes per game, while two decent-but-not-otherworldly guys play 32-36?

I like a lot about Ty, but give me a break.

1. I respect coach Layden and his opinions. In the first paragraph, I think what coach Layden is referring to Alec playing instead of Raja. Raja’s probably been healthy enough to play for a while now, but Alec keeps on getting the minutes. I agree with him when he says that Ty has done a good job this year. I don’t think that he was coach of the year, but he belonged in the conversation, and he was in the conversation. Two bad playoff games against arguably the best team in the NBA doesn’t change that. He isn’t perfect, but I certainly think he is ahead of schedule, and . I know a lot of people on this site are frustrated about his tendency to play veterans, but hey, he was mentored heavily by Jerry Sloan. What did you expect?

2. Its obvious that many on this sight have these feelings about Ty Corbin…

a. He didn’t deserve to be given the head coaching position
b. The media (national and local) portray him as a better coach than he really is.
c. Ty is not being held accountable the way he should be. the standards have been lowered for him. Thus, he overachieved by merely being average.
d. People, like myself, who do think that Ty Corbin is a good up and coming coach who led his team to the playoffs his first full, albeit abbreviated, season despite having a young team with no training camp and an abbreviated pre-season.

Then comes this statement:

“Should we then be allowed to have higher expectations rather than looking for that one guy that picked the Jazz to finish last”

One guy? How about all those guys. Google 2012 nba predictions. The most optimistic prediction I saw was the Jazz finishing third in the Northwest. CNNSI writers thought the Jazz were going to be this year’s Bobcats. After the first two games, It looked like the media was right. I did not see Ty getting this ship back to the playoffs this season. I thought he did a good job of helping the team get through some tough stretches. I think the 3 year contract is fair. I’m interested in watching him develop as time goes by.

Its funny. We are so adament on this sight on playing the young guys, but we just can’t understand why the Jazz didn’t go after a veteran head coach and hire the “young guy” in Ty Corbin. Give me some more blue Kool-Aid please!

I was thinking the same things you just wrote so eloquently.


I like Ty and think he’s really held the team together through a tough year. The players also back Ty and I don’t think that would be happening if they didn’t think he was a good coach.

I’m glad the Jazz aren’t as impatient as the fans. Then we’d have one of those franchises that fires coaches every two years and is a perpetual losing team and organization.

Don't forget to include Yucca Man himself as one of the experts who predicted that the Jazz

Would have one of the worst records this season :)

Personally my only problem with Coach Corbin is not finding minutes for Favors. I think Favors is a Dwight Howard level super star in the making and I can’t understand him getting less than 30 minutes per night. But maybe I’m wrong, we won’t know until he’s actually getting starter minutes.

I really could care less if Howard or Carroll gets the start in the next two games. Just get Favors 30 + and I will be a happy Jazz fan.


Me? ME? ME?

I know I came down pretty hard on the rhetoric. I don’t know if I ever really posted a record/standing prediction. For what it’s worth, I expected about 28 wins, and about 10th in the West.

I did not expect them to be as bad as they were post-Trade last year. I DID think that expecting them to improve enough to make the playoffs in just one year, with no personnel changes was unrealistic. In that I was wrong.

Just a thought . . How much better do you think Jerry Sloan would have done with this team, both in the regular season and in this playoff series.

At least with Sloan, maybe we would have gotten a good quote, such as “these guys are playing in tuxedos.”

What are your thoughts?

Other than the good quotes, Ty seems to have a lot of the same tendencies Sloan has.

- Has a tendency to go to veterans.

- Previous starters do not lose there spot because of injury (Josh Howard)

- Raja probably would have played more after getting healthy if Sloan was still coaching.

- One of the things I would like to see Ty instill is some of the nastiness that Sloan’s teams had.

- If Jerry Sloan was still coaching today, Delonte West may not be alive right now.

I think the year would have probably been like this one...

brings back memories.

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