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Super Duper Important Poll about Game Streams


Hey everyone,

This is, I would presume, a personal letter from me to you. I don't presume it's from me - that I know. The presumption is that you (the reader) will read this. The part that is still up for grabs revolves around how this site is working. Over the last year we've had a lot of changes here at SLC Dunk. We were still going through the lockout at this point a year ago; then the lockout ended so very abruptly. We all went into Overdrive here (owners, GMs, agents, players, media, and yes us bloggers too) to deal with the crazy schedule that dictated no Christmas games would be lost.

Now the next NBA season is going to be starting very soon (21 days till the games mean something!) ... and I really don't know how much I like the site. The site is new, it's cool, it's moved from the old style to the new, Sports Blogs 2.0 version where we have a cover and stuff and it's like a glossy magazine where none of the content appears on the front page anymore.

It is a challenge to read. And it's also a challenge to write for. And between us writing here and all of you awesome people reading here . . . there appear to be a lot of posts we write that you can't easily find.

Basically, the old system was easier. But there is very little we can do to emulate that. We have to move forward with the new system.

For me the downbeats are the biggest reason to come back to SLC Dunk every day. Now we're venturing into podcastery with our own shows and with the help of TUJB crew teaming up with us. There is more to come in the future; however, during the NBA season nothing should be easier to find on the site than information about the actual games our beloved Utah Jazz play.

We are going to be using Game Streams. We could be doing something else where all the info and posts for a game are spread out and harder to find -- but I think this is the only sensible way to maximize visibility on the site, and maximize familiarity. If you look at the Game Stream for the first Preseason game you'll see that it's essentially a mini-SLC Dunk that just has the info on a specific game in the normal "reverse chronological order" that our old site used to organize everything by.

Honestly, it's the closest thing to the old site that I can think of. But that does not mean that I'm not open to suggestions. The main thing for me is that this is a site by Jazz fans for Jazz fans. And if Jazz fans are unhappy with the site, or can't find the important info easy - then the site HAS to change. And that's why I'm asking you to give me your feedback.

Either here in the comments section, on twitter (you can find me either @SLCDUNK or @ALLTHATAMAR or @ALLTHATAMAR2 ), or via e-mail (ALLTHATAMAR at GMAIL). I'm easy to reach. I must say that, sheesh, I have 219 unread emails right now so a quicker way to reach me is here at the site or on twitter.

Get at me, and let's continue making this the best Utah Jazz website run by fans -- FOR FANS.


(Also there is a HUB for all the reader polls if you missed them....)