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Quick Poll: So far this season have the Utah Jazz been more lucky than good?


Pretty simple question . . . but let's not make this a yes or no issue. I think the Utah Jazz have shown a remarkable ability to win at home, while putting up some pathetic losses on the road. Which team is the real team, though? Are we really a good team that can dominate? Or are we a lucky team that squeaks by -- while hiding the truth? Is our home record closer to who we are, or is it our road record?

  • First game of the season the Jazz obliterated the Dallas Mavericks at home, hot shooting in the third after a poor start saved the day
  • The Jazz then lost on the road to a plucky New Orleans Hornets who were playing without Eric Gordon, by 2 points. We couldn't handle Robin Lopez on the glass, for starters
  • The San Antonio Spurs were on their way to a rout, but hot shooting by Mo Williams brought us back in it as well, though we still lost by 10
  • To end that road trip the Memphis Grizzlies got whatever they wanted on us in the paint
  • To get our second win of the season the Jazz beat up on the Mike Brown version of the Los Angeles Lakers who were not at their full ability. Kobe Bryant almost stole a win from us against Randy Foye's 4th quarter defense.
  • After that the Jazz got destroyed by the Denver Nuggets by twenty
  • Utah bounced back and beat the Phoenix Suns at home
  • and then needed three overtimes to send the Toronto Raptors into extinction.
  • A very impressive and encouraging loss against the Boston Celtics at home was met with a complete mail it in performance against the Philadelphia 76ers
  • Only the hapless Washington Wizards (who we defeated by 7 points) prevented us from another losing road trip
  • The Jazz then reeled off a feel good win against the Houston Rockets, who did not have James Harden for the second half of the game
  • We split two games with the Sacramento Kings . . .
  • only to come back and beat the Denver Nuggets by 2 points two nights ago.

The overall impression is that we've been winning some games at home when we're playing against teams who are missing key guys -- and barely winning. On the road we're either trying hard, or clearly over-matched.

What do you think?