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Quick Poll: Who is our best player right now?

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A lot of teams have them, you know, best players. Do we have a single best player? The Utah Jazz have a collection of players who add depth, and while attempting to minimize drop offs when someone is substituted out of a game. This is a good thing for sure. However, when the game is on the line -- or on the precipice of getting out of hand -- it's these best players who take care of business.

I think the evidence points to Al Jefferson being our go-to player on offense. And he has proved to be worthy of that honorific at times. That said, his improvements all round do not make him an all-around threat just yet. Paul Millsap plays both ways, has also demonstrated to have clutch ability -- but isn't ever going to be a primary option. He is better, and yet at the same time, worse than Al Jefferson. His play this season further distances himself from the title of "Best player".

A third player to consider would be Mo Williams. As the point guard on a team where the point guard is the most important player he has the ball in his hands quite a bit. For the most part (some extra brave passes in transition aside) he has played the part. He has not been the most consistent shooter -- though he never was in his career. He does bring leadership, attempts to push the pace, and seems to know more about late game 'winning time' than our head coach does. He's been injured a number of times this season, and he has both won games and lost games for us this season.

Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors both show flashes of indisputable talent. But aren't always killing it. Randy Foye and Marvin Williams have had solid games here or there, but aren't upper echelon players either. Everyone else (Jamaal Tinsley, Earl Watson, Alec Burks, DeMarre Carroll, Raja Bell, Kevin Murphy, Jeremy Evans, and Enes Kanter) is either too young, too old, too unskilled, too little effort type players.

So. Who is our best player right now?