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Utah Jazz: Gordon Hayward extension looms, so do training camp cuts -- what happens first?


If you follow along you know that right now the Utah Jazz roster is at 19 players, and it's October 22nd. By October 31st it has to be down to a maximum of 15. That's a special day though for another reason. It's the last day (Peter or others correct me if I'm wrong) the Jazz have to, as Beyonce said, "put a ring on it". It is, of course, Gordon Hayward. Otherwise he goes on the open market as a RFA at the end of the season. There's something else that needs to be done, though. And that's sign a real point guard. With erstwhile Rookie of the Year point guard Trey Burke out of action for a few weeks, and only John Lucas III on the books, something needs to be done. We've watched our offense sputter in the last two games -- and our big investment (Derrick Favors for $49m) needs a point guard who can feed him. I haven't seen much I like from Scott Machado so far, and a guy like Jamaal Tinsley is still on the market.

So . . . what happens first?