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Quick Poll: Assuming we make the playoffs, who do you want to see? Spurs or Thunder?


I'm assuming that we make the playoffs this year. Really. The Utah Jazz. OUR Utah Jazz. It can be a very real possibility in the next few days that we'll be taking control of our own destiny. Of course, we don't have TOTAL control, it's not like we can pick who we play. We don't have control over that, but out of the top two teams in the Western Conference right now, who would you rather play in the first round?

The San Antonio Spurs? Or maybe the Oklahoma City Thunder?

They face off tonight in the biggest game of the night in my opinion. The Thunder are the "it was all luck" team according to some media members who cleared the deck, drafted insanely well, probably did even better OUT of the lotto as a scouting dept, developed that talent and took it on the chin for a few years. Last season they made it to the NBA Finals. They don't have any rings or legacy just yet. The Spurs have all of that, and really started things off back in 1999. Instead of being a 'one core' team, they were like the most efficient organism out there, mutating, changing, improving, evolving. Their legacy could have ended years ago but they are always significant.

Both are small market teams.

Both draft very well.

Both develop young talent and don't try to win every game, as they see the big picture.

If you had to face one of them in the playoffs, and we may get that chance, which one do you pick?