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Sacramento Kings and the Ski Slope of failure

This time it's not Ty Corbin's fault . . . right?

"Frankly, my dear . . . this team was already messed up when I got here this summer."
"Frankly, my dear . . . this team was already messed up when I got here this summer."
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I feel bad for everyone involved here. The Sacramento Kings are trying to take that next step from the lotto to the playoffs. The head coach, Mike Malone, is out of a job. Their current head coach, Tyrone Corbin, no doubt has heard about the rumors of his theoretical replacement in George Karl. The players don't want to just be a laughing stock. And the fans deserve better.

Since Malone's departure the Kings have only seemed to play worse. They were 11-13 when Corbin took over, and the super sweet Corbin has decided to help build team chemistry by taking the franchise skiing. Or more specifically, ski jumping. Here is the Wiki breakdown of ski jumping slopes:

Via Wiki page for Ski Jumping Hill

And here is the win percentage, game by game, since Corbin has taken over:

2014 2015 Sac Kings Ski Jump 1

2014 2015 Sac Kings Ski Jump 2

Thank you Based MS Paint God

Please note that the angle of the line of best fit is 26 degrees. The Ski jumping slope angle is 32 degrees. It's pretty close. It's really 6 degrees off of an actual Ski Jump slope. The Kings are a mess, and need to play better.

They have an All-Star in DeMarcus Cousins. They have two other really good starters in Rudy Gay and Darren Collison. They have some youth on the team, with five actual NBA rotation players under the age of 23. Carl Landry, Ramon Sessions, Reggie Williams, and Jason Thompson are all solid vets you can win with.

Injuries have been a problem for the team, and I get that. Another problem is the conference they play in. I'm not even mad about the coaching. Corbin is trying his best, and dealing with an owner who thinks he is a basketball mind, but is not. Mike Malone shouldn't have been fired in my opinion, but that's not the player's fault, or Corbin's or whomever.

It's just crappy that when Ty took over the team nose dived. Well, not really, but they did almost reach the vector needed to jump up in the air from skiis. It's not what anyone involved in the situation wanted. This team was on track to win close to 40 games when they fired Malone. That does not look like the case anymore.

It's not Ty's fault. It's just his bad luck, I guess. Or, you know, maybe he is partly to blame. What do you think?