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The most important Utah Jazz at Denver Nuggets poll you'll see today

All you need to do is make a single click, and be heard!

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I'm not a huge fan of the Denver Nuggets. Part of that is very understandable, I am a Utah Jazz fan. These two teams are geographical rivals, and while Denver hasn't had a streak of going to the West Finals five times in seven years like Utah had in the 90s, they haven't been absolute tire fires either. Well, unless we look at their front office situation right now. (Amar puts his hand up for a high five . . . realizes that this is the internet, and he's going to be left hanging.)

Part of why I dislike the Nuggets is due to meeting them in the playoffs, and just having to play them so frequently (same division). But the main reason has been some of their players. I'm going to list some than I personally did not like, without much commentary. These are in order of most to least minutes with the nuggets.

  • Carmelo Anthony -- from the whole whining about Andrei Kirilenko being an All-star to the whole "[Kyrylo Fesenko] . . . Fesenko . . . I mean, Fesenko . . . " thing, he's a high volume guy on and off the court.
  • Bill Hanzlik -- I can't stand this guy
  • Kenyon Martin -- most of my hate for him stems from trying to go all "alpha male" on Karl Malone back when he was with the Nets. Martin is one of the All-Time fake tough guys in the league. Real tough guys don't cry when drafted #1 overall, while still wearing a cast.
  • J.R. Smith -- oh man, I can't even begin with this dinosaur walking thugget supreme
  • Arron Afflalo -- he's never met a Utah Jazz wing player he didn't get a tech called on him for hitting
  • James Posey -- very physical three and D and fouls guy, though he wasn't that big of a deal in Denver
  • Raef LaFrentz -- mainly because of his crazy 32 points, 17 rebound, 4 assist, 3 steal, 6 block game that led to a one point win over the Jazz
  • Chris Andersen -- basically everything he has ever done in his life
  • Allen Iverson -- an actually enjoyable basketball player whom I couldn't stand because of all the hype and media attention he got as a Nuggets player
  • Eduardo Najera -- essentially the off-brand, Mexican version of Matt Harpring; and Harp was a Jazz man and annoyed the heck out of me while he was scoring points for the Jazz
  • Brian Williams / Bison Dele -- while most of that young Nuggets squad in '94 were genuinely nice people, this wanna-be was more than just a head case. He would end up winning a ring with the Bulls, and a Darwin award later on after his passing
  • Mark Jackson -- because duh. He only played 52 games with them, but that's enough.

Feel free to add your own names and opinions in the comments section!